Lanning Architecture - Practical design for modern southwest living


Lanning Architecture offers extensive services to a wide range of clients. We most often offer what is typically called "full services" for architectural projects. These include schematic design, construction documents, bidding and negotiating, and construction administration.

  • Schematic design is essentially the "design" part of the project where the vision is starting to take shape.
  • The construction documents are the technical drawings created to guide the construction of the project.
  • The bidding and negotiating services include finding the right builder and ensuring that the project will get built with care and attention to detail.
  • Construction administration is a service where we help to ensure that intention of the construction documents is met during construction.

Additionally, Lanning Architecture provides other services.

  • Pre-design services, for example, include master planning for subdivisions, site evaluation services, or feasibility studies.
  • Interior Design services are offered, where we provide additional detailing and product selection to provide a complete architectural package.