Lanning Architecture - Practical design for modern southwest living


The architectural process begins with an introductory meeting with the clients. Some clients bring a lot to the table, including sketches, photographs, floor plans, or ideas; others have only vague notions of what they might be looking for. Either way, with our primary focus on the architect and client relationship, we have tremendous faith in a design process that will result in complete client satisfaction. During the design process we discuss multiple options to ensure that we arrive at a thoughtful and deliberate solution for the project. We also bring our extensive interest, experience and background in sustainable architecture to that discussion.

In the design process we consider many elements. For a project to live up to its potential, we believe the most important elements are:

  • Quality of building materials and systems
  • Color and texture
  • Natural light and ventilation
  • Form and space
  • Solar orientation
  • Quality of outdoor space, especially courtyards

The goal is always to find the essence of what will make the project sing. It's about finding an expression that will contribute to the clients' (homeowners, business owners, or neighborhood associations) quality of life in both tangible and intangible ways. After the design has essentially been set, we begin the process of assembling the construction documents. In our office we view the construction documents as a communication tool to get the project built. We strive for a set of documents that is easy to read, where the information that the builder needs is clearly stated and easy to find. We take pride in our designs and their practical nature and try to keep things as simply stated as possible. When consultants, engineers, or other specialists are needed, we put together the right team that makes sense for the project.

Our firm also offers interior design services. We can take the project and work further with the clients to develop a "palette" of material, fixtures, or other elements as needed to enhance the established architecture.